Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Bloated shelf" Damien Gernay

"Bloated shelf" Damien Gernay



With this project «Bloated Shelf», Damien Gernay explores further his research into organic anarchy or how the matter creates its own shape when forced into a predefined structure.
Bloated Shelf is a particular illustration of that research, using leather. The idea originates from the image of a proeminent belly, constrained by the belt, but still comfortable at it fills a round shape around it.
The shelf is a dialogue between a rigid structure and a flexible skin. When expanded, by foam, the leather takes its own shape and curls around the plank, making each piece an unique piece.


DIMENSIONS: H: 175 cm - W: 85 cm - D: 45 cm


MATERIALS: Ash wood and inflated leather


Edition Galerie Gosserez limited to 12 pieces + 1 prototype.

Other finition and color on request

Bloated shelf in the AD Design 2012 magazine.



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